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My name is Zakuro I got to a japanese high school called Yugeri Junior High. Our unifoarms are pink and black. I'm 16 and in 12th grade. I have blonde hair and red eyes. After school I went to a fortune teller cause Iv'e been wonder if I'm a psychic or not she said I was. At first I didn't belive her but after i left I saw a ghost.

Just as lunch passed I saw the same ghost as yesturady but this time I accutally got a look. And man did he look cute I thought. He was calling my name and he said find the stone your the only one that can save or even see me.

Zakuro is one of the pretiest girls I've ever seen. Such beauty as If It's a flower. I hope she opens to my request because I don't want to stay a ghost forever. But even If she foes I have a plan to whoo her then she'll be mine. I can't wait untill we become a couple.

I'm quite curious about the ghost I've been seeing! And I wonder what he means by find the stone? I'm also curious about how he died or if he was a prince or something. It would be so romantic If he was though because then I could wear a beautiful gown and we could ride in a limosuine to a ball then we could dance the night away.

I now know Zakuro is curious about my arrival to become human again because I can read her thoughts it's one of my special abalitites about being a ghost.


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United States
i can be random at times and i love cats , dogs, unicorns, horses, pegases, foxes and wolfs

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